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Them barkin’ dogs

February 28, 2007

the national gallery is where lots of british loot is on display. friezes from the parthenon, gigantic busts of ramses II, lion/man gates from the kingdom of Sargon II in the cradle of civilization (now known as iraq) and the Rosetta Stone, for crying out loud! artifacts and booty from all over the world. quite amazing.

so far, this trip kicks ass.

london is a fantastic city, with more languages spoken than anywhere else on the planet and the cutest phrases uttered in english.

but you might already know that.

the alarm goes off in six hours and then we’re off to the airport. then the westbrook boys will descend up the great nation of india. holy smokes. it’s still a bit too much to take in.

we are in for a soft landing, however. we’re staying with a family friend in his house, getting picked up at the airport, our sleeper car is already booked for hampi in a few days. i don’t think there ever was an easier arrival to india.

i don’t know how often i’ll have internet access, so take care, y’all.


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One Comment
  1. Katie Burke permalink

    I am a fan of any place that has international booty on view.

    A little slapstick humor from your 12-year-old male friend, Katie.

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