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Of ale and Virgin Airlines

February 26, 2007

the caps key on this british keyboard is not in the right place, obscured by the “\” key. and “Enter” has been replaced by “#”. don’t know why they would do that.

Virgin to England today… we made it! my first time to london and randy and i are drinking it in… literally. the flight was fine, though cramped seating prevented real sleep. delicious home cooked dinner with our lovely hosts; our friend Sheri and her fab husband Barry. Sheri is of the West Virginia variety and it’s almost as if we’ve been transported to a cockney appalachia. that, mixed with severe jet-lag, makes for a somewhat surreal experience.

they drive like maniacs here. not only on the wrong side but, well…. like maniacs. fast and close and screaming around corners with inches (‘scuse me, millimeters) to spare.

after dinner, a quick cab ride to The Crown, an old pub in Cricklewood, for my first real English ale.


then back to Sheri and Barry’s for some scotch. maybe that’s why i’m having trouble with this keyboard.

tomorrow we head into the well touristed downtown london. that is, AFTER blood pudding for breakfast.

london has already charmed me and i may just spend my entire trip right here.


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One Comment
  1. Mary J. permalink

    Jeff – Glad you made it to London okay. Don’t forget the London Museum and the Rosetta Stone – very cool.


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